Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home Free

We've had some pretty exciting things happening around here since we were off to Lillooet. In no particular order...

Exciting thing #1 - I signed on to do a Fringe show with Brian Cochrane! I am very very excited about this for several reasons. I love working with Brian. I love doing the Fringe. I get to be part of the Fringe in my new hometown! And also a chance to spend some time in Vancouver.

The show is Home Free by Lanford Wilson and Brian is directing. A Company called Staircase Xi out of Vancouver is producing it and we will be in both the Victoria and Vancouver Fringe Festivals! I will have the opportunity to meet and work with some lovely Vancouverites and spend some more time immersed in the BC theatre scene for almost all of August and September. Our run closes on September 16th -- my 30th birthday -- and I can't think of a better way to usher in a new decade.

On that same note... we are fundraising. The Fringe Festival as fun as it is can be a huge financial risk for small companies like Staircase Xi and as of right now there are no assurances that we will get paid at the end of the day. Obviously the very best kind of support is to come see our show, but if you can't and want to help out there is a link with our fundraising campaign on this blog just under all of my favorite bloggers links. You can track our progress there and see what Staircase Xi is all about or even spread the word by linking from your own blog or Facebook or Twitter or good old fashioned email. Every little bit helps to ensure Arts in Canada can stay alive and well despite all of the cuts to our funding.

And now to get completely away from politics. Yikes.

Exciting thing #2 - Rob's sister in law had her baby! Despite being told that because of certain complications there was no way she could possibely go into labour and we were all expecting the little one by C-Section July 18th. And despite having gone to the Doctor Thursday morning and being sent home with all being normal... She went into labour early Friday morning and little Lucy Louise was born at around 6 PM on July 6th. 
Uncle Rob is very very serious.

Exciting thing #3 - I managed to host a family barbeque for Rob's Mom's side of the family. The Bradshaw's. This may not seem exciting enough to warrant an entire Exciting Thing paragaraph about it, but Rob has a very close knit family orientated extended family and the idea that we would eventually have them all over to our house was terrifying to me. They are also very spontaneous, so at the end of our time visiting them at Cowichan Lake on Tuesday when it was casually mentioned that Heather would be going back home to California on Saturday and that Colleen still hadn't seen our house suddenly we were having everyone over for a barbecue. In fact I think I may even have been the one to suggest it. I don't know. It all happened so fast.

So Wednesday night in Lillooet we were sending out an official invite and Thursday night after one Ferry was canceled and we had to wait for the next one we hurriedly bought enough groceries to feed 20 or so people side salads and desserts. I made an enourmous pie.

 Everyone brought their own meat/veggie burger to barbecue and I finally won all of the kids in Rob's family over (they have mostly just been staring at me warily at every family function) with ice cream floats. 
The best part of the night was that when the announcement came to Rob's phone with a picture of baby Lucy at 6 PM, the entire family was on our deck to hear the news and see the first picture of her. A story we will get to tell her for the rest of her life.

And I almost didn't get a single picture of our successful hosting experience... Only this one, of my other favorite part of the night, when two of the girls ran upstairs and burst out on to the deck calling my name to show me what they had built. 

 I was finally at home.


  1. So. Much. Love. You sound so peaceful and filled. :)

  2. I love it! So excited for you with all of your exciting things!