Thursday, April 11, 2013

Next Stop. Disney World.

No Before and Afters of our bedroom yet, but we did finish and without any furniture to set against it yet, its safe to say we are very happy with the outcome. Pictures soon. I'd still like to add some of the finishing touches like curtains yet, maybe the headboard, and then you'll get a tour.

In the mean time. Now that I have sadly run out of new clothes to wear daily, I should get posting all of the photos I took and never posted in our whirlwind!

Remember the pretty lacy back I was telling you about?
It's pretty with a black sweater. But I can't wait to wear it in the sunshine...


That is the other amazing news I've held onto for a while.
I'm going to Disney World, on an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Some of you may know the story already, but a couple of years ago my good friend from childhood's daughter had an emergency tonsillectomy done, because her tonsils had enlarged so much that her heart couldn't keep getting the blood past them. By the time she went into surgery she was high risk for anaesthetic. When she was in surgery she flat lined and had to resuscitated.  After that she was put into a medical coma for several days over Christmas. And when our little trooper woke up, she immediately asked the nurse for pen and paper and wrote, "did I miss Santa Clause?" That was Christmas Eve 2010. Olivia was 7 years old. Now she is 9, almost 10 going on 15. Unfortunately though, when her heart was pushing so hard it also enlarged, crushing part of her lung. She has been on oxygen ever since.

Olivia was recently granted a wish with the Make a Wish Foundation to go to Disney World, stay in the Give the Kids the World Villa and meet Daisy Duck.

Heather, since then has become a single mom, and when she originally asked me to come on this trip with her it was with the understanding that I would pay for my flight from here to Florida and for my park passes, but that I would stay in the Villa with Heather and Olivia for free. But that meant Heather would be flying to Florida by herself with a 9 year old and an oxygen tank. When she phoned the Make a Wish people to tell them her concerns of travelling all alone under these circumstances, the people at Make a Wish made me a "substitute parent" for the trip. So now they have flown me to Saskatoon, putting me up for the night and on a 5 AM flight out of here with Heather and Olivia, to Florida!

Wish us luck in many airline adventures tomorrow through Saskatoon, Toronto and finally Orlando and on to The Give The Kids' The World villa!

I'll try to update, but it may just be a flurry of instagram's in the evenings when I'm connected to a WiFi until I get back.