Friday, July 20, 2012

Rainy day activity

It's a rainy Friday morning around here. Normally I look forward to rain on Friday's because I have deemed it my "day off" day to do whatever I feel like, including rainy day projects like sewing and knitting, but today we are getting company! Nick and Adam are coming to stay with us from Vancouver in the hopes that they may like Victoria better and move here instead. They really really hate Vancouver. So I was hoping for some nice weather so they could see that it rains here much less than there and I could show off my new beautiful city... but of course. Rain. Full on soaking wet dripping everywhere rain.

We spent last night getting the guest room ready and it was really the first time we have spent any time sorting out the downstairs room since I moved in.

 Rob set my desk up and I felt really excited about what the space will be eventually for the first time and loved seeing my beautiful desk (my Mom made it for me and made it so it can be taken apart and moved, given my recent nomadic nature) in its new space.
The obnoxious mirrors in this room are coming down.

Which is also making me sort of wish for a day free to sit down here and sew, or craft, or photo document. But! There are exciting things to go do today, even if they are in the rain. Plus, after we got it all set up I realized I still don't have a desk chair... So until next week...

Someday soon this spot will have a real guest bed.

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