Thursday, April 3, 2014


I promised to be here more often again.
And again I have to apologize that I just can't be for a while.

"The play's the thing" you know.
And this time I am even back in the rehearsal hall.
The meal plan until further notice is frozen in our freezer from costco, or at the mercy of Rob's whims.

Please take a minute to watch our video about Joan.
This play is not only very very close to SKAM's heart (in fact it was born inside the heart of SKAM), but it is also a show that is heart warming and heart breaking and beautiful and touching and will leave you feeling like there are ways to spend time with someone who has gone missing from the landscape of your life.
If you look hard enough, as Matthew has.

I am leaving it here in the form of an Indie Go Go campaign.
I am not asking you to contribute in anyway, but if it moves you please share it.

(This also provides video of all the other crazy things I've done this year, which might be of interest to some).

See you all in May