Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Diamond is for Children

Do you remember in 2005 when almost all of my friends moved away at once and I was devastated? Well, probably not because most of you didn't even know me yet. But for those of you that did, you will probably remember a heart broken little girl wandering around campus seconds away from tears listening to too much Greg MacPherson. I could be found in various states of sobbing in corners all over campus that fall. One time I spontaneously started crying so hard driving down Idylwyld that my mom made me pull over so that she could drive.

I vowed to move to the West Coast to be with them just as soon as University was done and I meant it... but life moved on without them and I found a new family in the drama department and the pain started to numb and by the time it came time to make the big move, my life was pointed in a different direction.
Over time those friends came and went from the coast and we all grew up a little, the group expanding into new west coast girlfriends and boyfriends and time erased the urgency of needing to be where they were doing what they were doing... but I guess it never really went away, and Saskatoon never really felt like home anymore after they had all left, even though their absence led me to some amazing friendships that will be with me forever.
And then by fluke I met my own West Coast man and here I am, and most of them have congregated back to this place, and here we are.

But because we have all grown up and expanded we are constantly busy and I haven't seen much of these hidden prairie gems on the coast (although the knowledge that they are here is sometimes enough on a bad day).

 Finally last night we were able to rally them all together (just in time for Brooke and Sam to move away, but they are staying in BC so we will see them again) and we all had a little corner of Saskatoon on our deck and in our kitchen.

So naturally I made Saskatoon Berry Pie.

And then the propane ran out on the barbecue. Whoops. 

So Blair and Rob moved inside to finish cooking dinner. Home made veggie burgers, "grilled" (now pan fried) portabella mushrooms, bacon wrapped turkey for the few meat eaters and bad vegetarians (and some extra bacon for Shauna's veggie burger...), a million sides, more cooler corn on the cob and lots of beer and cider to go around.

(Side note: I've added a new feature to my blog, the "What's Cooking" link at the top will bring you to a photo blog of all of the goings on in my kitchen.)

And after almost 7 years we were finally (almost) all together in my new West Coast dining room. 
(missed you Jodie)

When we were watching out the window for people to show up we saw Brooke and Sam drive up and Rob said "yep. here comes the plaid."

So much plaid.

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