Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Furies

On Thursday I was so excited about linking my post about reuniting my west coasty Saskatoon friends to this week's song of the week,  but I didn't want to do it early so I waited...

And then on Friday I got so busy getting lost going to a hair appointment, visiting Mary Jane and Peter and baby Lucy, making pie dough, and Sun Tea (that I haven't even tried yet, its still sunning itself on the deck, and I am so excited), picking Rob up from the inner harbour, and watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in replay...

That I forgot about my song of the week entirely.

And now its a day late.

But it is there now. This Diamond is for Children, by the now defunct Fury and the Mouse. My beautiful prairie deserters.

This song was about how much they missed home and for a long time became about how much I missed them ... and now its just a pretty song about the best parts of Saskatoon.

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