Thursday, July 5, 2012

B.C's Little Nugget

I am up in these mountains right now and it is hot already at 9 am.

Apparently Lytton/Lillooet are often the hot spots in the province and it will be 30 degrees here today (was 32 yesterday) Ive been missing that summer time heat. Victoria rarely gets over 20... Although I guess you all are missing it in Saskatoon too.

We are delivering a brand new 4x4 ambulance to the Lillooet station and Rob is loving being with the crew. Yesterday he spent over 2 hours with then transferring all of the stuff over from the old ambulance and finding places for it in the new ambulance. This morning he wanted to "stop by" to make sure the day crew was all brought up to speed and we've been here for an hour already :)

This is the part I can tell he really misses about actually being a paramedic.

It's alright, I've caught up on everyone's blogs and the souvenir shops don't open until after 9 anyway.

I wonder if I will ever get over being afraid to touch anything while I hang out in ambulances.

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  1. I think being afraid of ambulances is fairly normal. Your patience is so inspiring. Thank you for that.