Friday, November 8, 2013

This is Good Enough

I keep coming on here to say I'll start posting more. Promises, promises, promises... and this time isn't really any different.

Here's the thing though. I may never get around to it. Posting more, I mean.
Because, I'm overwhelmed.
By everything these days.
And I think that is what keeps me from here, in more ways than one.

But largely because instead of using this blog in the way that I used to use a blog, I've done the opposite to myself. I've given it rules.

I moved out here and started this new blog to stay linked to home, in my new life. Somewhere in the distance between here and there I decided that no one should read anything in here but the good. Positive, positive, positive. But not real.

A week or so ago, listening to the CBC we heard an episode of (DNTO I think?) about being good enough, and it was exactly what I have been feeling. I spend so long in a day thinking of what to write in my blog, and what photos I need to go with it, that by the time the list is done of photos that need to be edited, collaged, captioned... after I have already stared at a list that never ends and battled the clock at work... it makes me exhausted. 
And the last thing I want is for this blog to make me feel exhausted. I wanted this place to be a place to tell you that I am exhausted. 

Who reads this anyway? 

The people that want to know what my day looked like right? Did our niece trick or treat at our house? Did I finish the book for book club? What new things have I cooked? And that doesn't mean that I also need to write a review, link to a recipe and collage Halloween pictures to write about it. 
Cause guys. I'm exhausted. 

Its also a thing I've had a hard time writing here because I want to be perfect at this new life. 
The new job, having a house, and creating this grown up life, but I'm not perfect at it. So on top of it exhausting me, I'm exhausted from the strain of never saying I am exhausted. 
I need to stop more at work, and at home to say, "hey guys... I have no idea what I'm doing and its making me so tired."  Because that is why I'm really here right? So you guys can help me sort it out. So I can sort it out by writing it. 
I will write about what book I'm reading. I will write about things I cooked. I really hope to write about my new sewing hobby with my new friend Loukia. 
Because when I can, I love all of these things and I love writing about it. But instead of making it perfect I plan to trust that if you want the recipe, or you are thinking about reading a new book, or you just in general want to know more, you will ask me. And I will be so happy to share! 

One thing I can't wait to share! I went to another Clothing Swap! And this one was with two new friends I have made since moving here. Loukia, who does my hair and nails and her sister Soula who is my new Yoga instructor. Amber came along and it was fun. It was I live here and these are my new friends fun. (I have also made some new friends at my Book Club that I am really excited about too). 

Clothing Swaps are such an amazing renewal on your closet and your spirit without having to spend any money. It was so much fun to have Loukia and Soula tell us stories about the clothes we tried on and to give something someone loved so much a new life. So I hope to wear a new piece of clothing or accessory every day until I run out again and blogging them. I also sort of went to a swap in September that I both haven't blogged about, nor managed to wear everything from. It was held on my birthday and so was SKAM's AGM.

Jenny held it at the Makehouse, just like in the spring and I had stopped by earlier that day. Matthew phoned ahead to tell her it was my birthday, so it was a very nice surprise to be greeted with an enthusiastic Happy Birthday when I walked in the door. I told Jenny I really wanted to come to the swap and she said that since there was always so much left over, I should just drop by at the end of my night and take what I wanted. She had everything packed away real nice and Rob was very bored (Jenny found him ice cream so I could stay longer), but I did manage to go through a couple of bags and take some great pieces of new clothes.

It was after this recent swap that I realized that by not taking the time to integrate these new things into my wardrobe I didn't really appreciate them in September (and as a result haven't wore them because I promptly forgot about them). So, this time I am leaving everything in the bag and wearing them one at a time. 

So. That said. I will try to blog a new outfit every day. It won't be perfect. Somedays it might just be a picture and a note. And, to be honest it might not be every day. The important thing is, I'll try.

I went back to find what I had heard on CBC to link to here. Before I had even started the post. And to be honest, when I couldn't find it, I was going to close my computer and yet again not write this post. I did find this though, which referenced what I think it was that I heard. It is just as apropos.

And a new sweater! The best part of this sweater is that it was Amber's, and it didn't actually make it out the door to the swap. ;)

New earrings too!

The jeans are also new from September. 
It felt good to get dressed in all new clothes this morning. 
Isn't it funny that sometimes all it takes to get you excited to get going again is something new to leave the house in?

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  1. I love hearing about what you are doing, and I am sorry that it makes you feel overwhelmed to post all the time :( Often I feel the same way, although I really have no excuse. I just sleep a lot and feel like I "should" post, but then I don't. I am also terrible at keeping up with people that have moved out of town. HECK! I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people that are IN town. But I have a feeling that our December visit will feel WAY too short because it will be such a good visit :)