Saturday, November 9, 2013

Party Planning Committee Overload.

This is what I wore today to go out to a Birthday Bash Party Committee meeting at a board member's house.

There are several photos because I was critiquing Rob's unsteady hands.

The t-shirt and the belt are new. It's hard to tell here, but the t-shirt is a sweater like knit.

This is me exasperated with Rob's picture taking skills :) And by that I obviously mean his entire lack of desire to take these pictures. ( he then told me to sit up straight )

Not from the swap, but Rob bought me this necklace and earrings for my birthday and I haven't found a lot of opportunity to wear or show them off yet.

Just a quick little bit of background on the Birthday Bash:

It is our companies biggest fundraiser.
SKAM is 19 years old this year, and every year in January the board throws us a birthday party to raise money for us. The party takes place in the Oddfellows Hall  a grand ol' forgotten about hall in downtown Victoria. With a Billiards room, parlour room, ball room and Oddfellows temple it is an amazing place to throw a party. And the Bash is fun. Or the Bash is supposed to be fun.

Last year's volunteer orientation in the Ballroom.

Party in full swing.

Matthew and I's first portrait. Done in the lovely Pamela Bethel's Luxbooth.

Party clean up.

Since I am committing myself to being more honest and talking about what's overwhelming me... this party overwhelms me.

Now, I love parties. Little get togethers in my house, I get to cook and decorate and take care of everyone all night, no problem, yes please.

150 people showing up to play games, dance their butts off and have a good time. Also, not a problem.

Until I am forced to be responsible for 150 people, the liquor permit, and have to stay to the bitter end making sure drunk people get to where they need to be. All a big big overwhelming problem in Erin land.

Also, this party is a board lead activity with Administrative support, but last year when I was just figuring out what a database looked like or how to open Microsoft Excel, any administrative support was daunting. But one meeting in and I feel a little more in control of it than last year. And this year I should have two paramedics accompanying me (Rob's friend Ryan joined our board of directors). So. Its bound to be way better right?

Also, I now have just the dress.

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