Monday, August 26, 2013

Too Many Mushrooms.


After overestimating the amount of food needed for the cast barbecue on Friday night, we were left with an abundance of portabella mushrooms. While I don't detest mushrooms, I don't love them. They are better eaten when I can disguise them in things, so this weeks meal plan is all about using up mushrooms.

Monday - Mixed Mushroom Soup - Rob cooked tonight, so I could go hang out with the beautiful Loukia at The Beauty Room and have my nails painted. Stay tuned for that update, its amazing!

Tuesday - Spaghetti and Garden Fresh Pasta Sauce - Rob's mom suggested a good way to use up the mushrooms would be to make them into pasta sauce. Since we are about to come into a lot of tomatoes, it seemed like a good plan to get on top of them now. I picked as many as I could find and tossed them in with zucchini, some of my baby eggplants, onion, my amazing green peppers that my teeny tiny pepper plant produced, garlic and a bunch of the leftover mushrooms and made two jars and another glad container of pasta sauce! Rob is away two nights this week, so pasta and pasta sauce make for an easy dinner for me. Along with the incredible bread Shima from the Smalltown cast traded me in return for fig jam.

Wednesday - Spaghetti and Garden Fresh Pasta Sauce  - More of the same, with a side of Gossip Girl. My nights are finally my own again and Amber and I are in serious girl time withdrawal.

Thursday - Sidney Street Market - One of my very favourite things about Victoria in summer are all of the markets. I think I've talked a little about the Moss Street Market on Saturdays, where we get lots of produce and our sea salts... and another favourite is the Sidney Street Market out in Rob's hometown. It runs every single Thursday night in the summer time and is several blocks long, filled with everything you can imagine, carnival food, artisan jewelry, home made kids toys, spices, pies and produce, live music. This is its last week, so Rob and hope to meet out there (if he is in from the ferry from Vancouver in time) for some greasy food and maybe some Saskatchewan Christmas gift shopping.

Friday - Barbecue - A wildcard, we have frozen hot dogs, turkey dogs, beef burger, chicken burgers and kebobs, mostly leftovers from our barbecue, so whatever I pull out first Thursday night I guess. This will be Rob and I's first Friday night in in I don't know how long!

Saturday - Fish on 5th - Samantha is coming! Samantha is coming! We have an unexpected much anticipated visit from our little Sam! In honour of this we will take her directly off her flight into Sidney for my 2nd favourite fish and chips in town, Fish on 5th. Only second to Red Fish Blue Fish downtown. Fish on 5th is open later and closer to the airport. Also indoors, so after Red Fish Blue Fish shuts down for the winter (in the summer months you can sit on the pier and eat your fish and chips while watching the float planes take off... Oh Victoria, I love you so) Fish on 5th becomes our regular fish and chips.

And once Samantha is here, this girl is taking some much needed time off ... to can all of those tomatoes! Stay tuned for tomato everything! Let me know if you have any amazing suggestions!

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