Monday, August 26, 2013

First Ever Monthly Curtain Call

To try to keep my blogging up, I plan to post a roundup of the month in the last few days of every month. So here is my very first Monthly Curtain Call!

I'll start it off with Something I Ate!

One afternoon when I had to be downtown for something, I happened to be parked next to one of my very favourite diners in Victoria. QV Cafe & Bakery. There is nothing particularly special about it. It is open 24 hours and it was an old garage.

Which makes it very charming to sit in in summer time with the big garage doors open. It looks out across at China Town, and at night the gates and paper lanterns are lit up. One of my favourite views in the city.

And they have Amazing Enormous desserts.
This one was chocolate mousse for Rob.

And a homemade oreo cookie the size of my face for Max!

And I bought the world's largest cupcake.

Seriously. I had to give half of this way!

If you come to visit, I'll be sure to take you to QV's!

And of course we ate figs.

And more figs

And more figs

Did you eat anything interesting this month? Maybe some fair food or bush pies? Share your favourite food and recipes with me!

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