Monday, August 5, 2013

A Busy Meal Plan

Whew! What a busy weekend, and the week ahead looks just as busy. I'm so happy to be meal planning again so I at least know ahead of time that I will try my best to eat well every day, even if it's on the go.


Monday - Vegan Field Roast Hot Dogs, Zucchini Fritters and leftover potatoes - The hot dogs were leftovers from Bike Ride and gourmet vegan hot dogs without soy from Seattle. You can find them here: Fieldroast Frankfurter. I've linked to the Zucchini Fritter recipe in What's Cooking?

Tuesday - Mom's Stew - It isn't really the right weather for stew, but I've been wanting to use up the peas we harvested last week. Also, we have been getting local meat from this great program called The Local Food Box. We payed in advance for meat for the span of time between mid June to mid September and every other Wednesday we are able to pick up a bag of meat from a community centre near by. The meat is always chicken, pork or lamb. The cuts are always a surprise. I don't eat beef anymore and Rob really enjoys lamb... so, this one will be lamb stew. I have no idea if I will like it or how my body will react, but here goes nothing. Mom is going to come over tomorrow night and teach me how to make it.

Wednesday - Pork Kebobs on Garlic Scapes with Spaghetti Squash - I saw this on the internet just a few days before we went to one of our local food markets. The garlic scapes were out in abundance and I knew I had to try it. Amazing. It's a bit of work because it works best if you pre skewer the meat. This time I bought pre skewered, pre seasoned meat from the market and I will just steam the Spaghetti squash and eat it with Earth Balance and salt, easy weekday meal.

Thursday - Leftovers - First preview of Theatre SKAM's Smalltown: A Pickup Musical is this night. I may be lucky if I get time for supper. Rob's in charge. Also... Have you figured out what's happening on that truck yet?

Friday - Chicken Sausage and Perogies - The Chicken Sausage is also from the local food box and so far all of the other kinds of sausage have been a huge hit. I found locally made dairy free perogies at the market today too! I will try to highlight the local meat as I use it over at What's Cooking? This is also a preview day with SKAM and Smalltown: A Pickup Musical, so we will see how getting to dinner goes, at least this one is nice and easy.

Saturday - Red Barn Fajitas - The other day we checked out the smaller version of The Red Barn Market  that is close to our house. It's teeny and doesn't have the selection that The Root Cellar has, but it has a great deli and we spied a chicken fajita mix that I can't wait to try. Since we will still be in previews over the weekend and I don't know what my schedule will look like, this looks like an easy solution.

And the Figs, Oh My God, the Figs. We canned another 5 dozen tonight, preserved in honey and made into jam. I will post the jam recipe soon!

What will you eat this week?

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