Friday, March 8, 2013

Swap Into Spring Item #2

This sweater is going to become my favorite go to sweater in no time. It reminds me of the beautiful cable knit sweaters we see in the Irish shop that I both know I can't afford and feel guilty about not making myself. The yarn is the right amount of soft, it is the right amount of off-white. More cream then white really and the buttons are beyond perfect.

I will wear this sweater around the house, in the office out for dinner, with dresses and skirts, jeans and yoga pants.

Putting it on this morning was like putting on an old friend already.

Today I'm wearing it with my favorite yoga pants. Working in an office space with only one other person (who isn't all that concerned with what I look like) and rarely venturing out can slide into a slippery slope of too casual pretty fast. So I try not to let that happen. Besides, sometimes Matthew will ask me to come along to a meeting, and we have volunteers coming in that I should look professional in front of,  or I will have to run and see the girls at Intrepid, or someone will pop by for a visit. So while the office is already casual and I wear jeans every day (but try to dress them up with my amazing new every day boots and a nice top) sometimes its nice to not even do that. Since Matthew is out of the office on Fridays and I try to make Fridays a sort out the end of the week and the office day, I've declared casual Fridays around here. For myself. Since there really is only, me. But I try not to let those casual Fridays slide too far into, "I hope nobody sees me" Fridays.

Today is close to one of those. I didn't shower this morning. Until I moved out here and in with Rob I was mostly a night time showerer, but I am trying to change over my habits and get up with Rob, or shortly after him in the morning so I can have an hour to wake up and with my New Yorker, and who knows maybe this blog ;). The last few weeks I have been slowly transforming into someone that loves to shower and blow dry my hair in the morning and get ready for work. Something I've never really done. Work has been getting into a touring van, or opening up the Lodge and making coffee, or heading into a  rehearsal where I might as well be comfortable, or getting ready late afternoon to run a show... getting ready for a typical work day is a little beyond me. Rob tries to help by making me a cup of coffee in the mornings before he leaves. Then I feel so guilty about my cup of coffee steaming away done there that I have to get up. And he really does make the best coffee ;). I'm getting there, a day at time.

Up Close.
Here are some fun book related links to take you into the weekend! Rob and I have been on the go a lot for the last few weeks and I am really looking forward to a weekend of sleeping in and laying around with a good book and The New Yorker. You can see all of the things I'm reading off to the left now, including the blogs I'm addicted to. Do you like the new blog look?

CBC Bookies  --  For all my amazing reader friends who keep me in so many suggestions of books to read my library hold list has gotten completely out of hand!

And in honour of International Women's Day  --  10 Great Books For Girls and Boys
Now excuse me while I go buy all of these book for Lucy and Rosalie ;)

Also in honour of International Women's Day  --  Check out my song section for my favorite song about being a woman.

It's Ember's new favorite sweater too.

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  1. LOVE the sweater! It is SO you! Totally makes sense why Rob thought you already owned one like it.

    I love to see what you are reading and I stalk you on Goodreads often ;)

    Rosalie (or Rosalie's mom) will accept any books you would like to give her :)