Monday, March 11, 2013

Meal Planning

A recurring conversation I seem to have with my closest friends lately have involved food and organization. I guess as we get older, we are starting to be a lot more aware of the link between what we eat and how we feel, and the link between how we feel and what we get done, or feel like getting done.

Also, the majority of us are now transitioning from cooking for ourselves to get by -- to cooking for our families, whether that means our families of two or four, just adults, or kids and adult, on busy schedules or on relaxed schedules. It really changes the necessities of planning, no matter what shape and size that planning is.

Rob and I have a meal plan. Its fairly new, but we have really adjusted into sliding it into our rhythm. Friday night or Saturday morning while doing the supper or brunch dishes, we clean out the fridge, take stock of what's left and plan the week. We used to do this on Sunday afternoons, but we often have dinner at Rob's parents' house Sunday evening and that leaves us grocery shopping at 9 PM on a Sunday and the selection is pretty bleak. It also allows for us to go to the winter bi weekly market on Saturday mornings (every Saturday in the summer! So soon!) and get our produce and even some of our meat locally. The most useful thing that has come out of this planning hasn't necessarily been the meals themselves... but the way that this forces us to take stock of the week to come. Is Rob away any of the nights? Do we have plans to go out? Do I have to work late? Can we invite anyone over for dinner that we haven't seen in a while? Is anyone coming to stay with us?

The times that Rob will be away for big amounts of time I can hear myself groaning and thinking to hell with a meal plan, its only just for me! But I've discovered, these are the days I need the plan the most! Otherwise I slide into making a bun with soy cheese melted on it (oh yeah, we (really just I) are trying our best to go dairy free, more about that at a different time). And then I lose all of of my energy. And then I don't go to bed on time. And then I stare off into space at work. Its a slippery slope.

But if I get home on a night Rob's gone and see that, oh yeah, I'm having Pho soup tonight, and not only am I having Pho soup, since I knew that last night, the chicken is thawed in the fridge and the broth is slowly getting too old to eat... I can't ignore that if I don't have the Pho soup, I will be wasting food!

And then I am forced to eat well.

So, I thought since this is a recurring theme in conversation lately, and with lots of lovely ladies that I know read this blog, that I would share my meal plans and recipes with you. In case you needed (or wanted) some inspiration.

Meal Plan - Week of March 10

Sunday - Leftovers
Taco Pie and Enchiladas (the enchiladas were awful and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone)
Skillet Taco Pie

Monday - Pho Soup
Chicken Pho

Tuesday - Chicken Stir Fry
Our neighbourhood grocery store pre packages leftover produce and cuts of chicken or beef for the handiest fresh stir fry supper ever!

Wednesday - Leftovers or Pasta

Thursday - Burritos
This is Rob's specialty and you will see them surface every time I give Rob a night to cook or we have tortillas leftover.

Friday - Dinner and Movie!

Saturday - Creamy Turkey and Broccoli Gnocchi
This one is new to us and from my new cookbook app -- The Photo Cookbook -- I love this app because it lays the whole recipe out in pictures and I can decide if I want to bother just by looking at the pictures. It also gives you an ingredient by ingredient breakdown if you need it, when it asks for something silly like, wholegrain mustard.


If it turns out really good I'll post the whole recipe.

Also! Stay tuned later tonight for a Swap into Spring entry. I wore my new favorite dress out on Saturday and can't wait to show it off.

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