Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year

I'm Back!

No. Really. Its a new year, and I'm promising to myself to be better at this ... stuff. Comunicating, taking time for myself, keeping and making connections. I say this every year, but this year feels different. For the first time in a very long time I have a sense of permanance. The idea that I have taken on a permanent role within a Theatre company is starting to be a lot less startling and (just as soon as this giant annual fundraiser is out of the way) instead something to centre myself on. Yes, life will still often be hectic. Yes, there will be nights and maybe weeks away from home. Yes, there will be weeks with no time off and little sleep and no chance to finish anything ever... But in the center of it all I will have my littl desk in my little office that will all slowly become my favorite space in the world. A place 10 blocks from home that I can pop home from lunch from time to time, and pop by the grocery store on my way home and lock up abd wave to Pat in the Kaleidescope off\ice on my way out, if he doesn't beat me out of there. A routine maybe.

And maybe now that I have mostly been in this other space, my new home, I will feel less like assering my place here. Less like we need to mark all of our 1sts. Not that 1sts aren't wonderful but I'm just ready to move into our life together. The remember when life. The 2nds to me always seem bigger thean the 1sts. That's when they go from being new and unknown to comfortable and real.
So here, is to a new year. More blogging more pictures (a #365days project in fact. I promise I will share it with you) and more tweeting are my goals... But even more so, so much more learning and loving and being.

Here is to a second birthday cake... carrot like last year, because now its his favorite. ;)

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