Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Mushy Meal Plan

Oh dear blog world.
I haven't forgotten about you over here in cyberspace. I've just been too caught up in staring at a computer screen most days and never moving from my desk... straight into the frantic no sleep world of producing a Theatre Festival with 17 different performing companies over two weekends.

But more on that I promise.

I've put myself on a bit of a schedule around here.
Made some lists.
I hope that will keep my blogging on a better track.

I plan to start each week (usually Monday, but here we are at Tuesday and I will push on), with the meal plan for the week. I've revamped the tumblr link where all of my food related things go, so that if there is something you see here that you like, you can go over there and find the recipe. Just click on What's Cooking? up top or follow me on tumblr: The Proof is in the Pudding.

This week, the meal plan is a bit bizarre looking, because after weeks of suffering through a flurry of activity with no time to see a dentist, I put off yet another cavity to the point of abscess. I was in to see the dentist briefly before the madness started and was able to get on antibiotics until I could get it assessed for a root canal (ugh). The antibiotics sucked and before I had the time to even go for my root canal consult I had two different types to keep them effective in my system. This last week I was on antibiotic number three and so happy the appointment was just around the corner. With every new antibiotic my stomach had to re adjust and I was stuck with two or three days of full on nauseous. That coupled with mouth pain all over (its like all the other bad teeth know when you've seen a dentist, my wisdom teeth were on the move and the wear on the right side of my mouth has produced two new cavities), I haven't been eating very well in general. Rob grimaced the other day when I put three cans of different shaped zoodles (princess, scooby doo and alpagheti) in the grocery basket.

So in preparation this weeks meal plan is a variation of soup, leftover soup and easing into mashed potatoes and rice. With a side of jello and pudding. Did you know you can't make instant pudding with almond milk? I don't know the particulars behind this, but it is on google, we discovered after the fact. You just wind up with a lovely chocolate soup instead.

Turns out, after weeks of panicking, 2 mg of ativan, a lit bit of freezing and Rob taking the day off to sit patiently in the room with me yesterday, I feel fine already! In fact the new cavities on the other side of my mouth are taking way more precedent all of a sudden... only a couple of more weeks until those are fixed too. So happy to finally be on dental benefits after all of these years.

So, soup it is anyway... I just get to also have the grilled (soy) cheese sandwiches I snuck in for Rob's benefit as well.

Sunday- leftovers (from a great zucchini pasta salad that I will hopefully post in the future)

Monday- Celery and Celery Root Soup that I go on and on about regularly, now I've finally posted the recipe. We had it with amazing potato and rosemary bread from Fairway Market

Tuesday - Leftover Celery Root Soup

Wednesday - Dill Pickle Soup and Grilled Cheese

Thursday - Left over Dill Pickle Soup

Friday- Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy in the slowcooker

Saturday - Barbecued Chicken in oyster sauce and rice

I'm so happy after all this chaos to have time in my kitchen again!

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